This is always the hardest part about a web site. You have to talk about yourself. I have never been good at that. Where do you start… What do I tell you as a person that wants to know more about me? At what point have you gone too far and given info about yourself that maybe is personal and they don’t really need to know. Do you tell the full story or just some of it? How did I get here today? It is not really that simple and really maybe it is just down right boring.

Well I guess I will find the happy medium and tell you a little story. Once there was this boy who lived in a large family. He was not just and every day boy… He saw the world a little different. When people all would line up to follow directions he was the one not standing in line and off doing his own thing. He never really fit in from the way he saw it. He one day decided to take a photo class in school… I was just a filler class and he didn’t really know what to think. So, he picked up a camera and started shooting. Keep in mind this is way back before digital cameras. He had to learn how to shoot but then also how to develop them once he was done.  This went on for a full semester but at the end they had a contest. There was not many rules other then you had to be in the class and it had to be something you shot that semester. He looked at all his work and really liked one that didn’t follow any of the rules he had be taught all year. But he didn’t care. He entered a photo that he took of an old car driving down the road. While everyone else used color he went with black and white and it gave it that Old-Timey look. After all the votes were in it seemed that he won the contest.

Fast forward to later in life he would grab a camera here and there and shoot a few things now and then. Till one day he flew to Paris for a game launch. See he had really started working on his career and got into the Game Industry. He was having fun shooting the launch and tried to stay out of the way or others that were paid to shoot. Once he returned to work he was very excited about some of the photos he got. He showed them to a friend who then made him the Photographer for the Company. The pressure was really high because these events were really important for the company and he really wanted to impress JoeyRay. Years later after shooting event after event and people for them he moved on to only shoot what he loved to shoot.

His goal is to just get people to see life the way he sees it. He has never really followed the rules of shooting and does what he wants and this is the result.

Please enjoy the art.

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